Black & White® 2 Battle of the Gods

Black & White® 2 Battle of the Gods 1.2

Black & White 2 Battle of the Gods is an expansion of Black & White 2

Black & White 2 Battle of the Gods is an expansion of the real time strategy game Black & White 2 developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Electronic Arts. This expansion requires that you have the original Black & White 2, thus for those of you who have already played the first and have in mind to get this expansion, I will comment what the expansion adds.

You will have more miracles to perform and new scenarios. There is a new god in the city and he is not friendly for sure. Indeed, in this expansion pack the player is facing an enemy who is also a god. Now you will face the Aztec people nation again. This time they will have divine help and they are hungry for a payback.

The expansion gives the player the ability to revive dead citizens and turn them into soldiers. Two new creatures are added although they are not actually new. The turtle was present in the first Black & White while the tiger was present in the Black & White 2 Collectors Edition.
The player has the capability to import creatures saved in Black & White 2.

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  • You can test your abilities against another god


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